Injection Blow Mold:
●With different design and material
●Can be hot and cold runner
●With perfect material

PET Preform Mold:

●The designing of the PET preform mold is according to the final bottle shape
●Preform thicknes & height is reasonably and perfectly designed to ensure the final bottles weigh light but feel hard.
●Self- lock individually for each cavity to guarantee high precision and less defect of the final preform production.
●Spiral cooling design for each single core and cavity.
●It helps to lessen the cycle time, improving production efficiency and saving costs.
●High strength anti-corrosive stainless steel

Injection Mold:

● Mold is made of high grade steels S136 stainless steel, etc.
●Adopts advanced and reasonable design, each cavity having independent temperature control & heating system, which boasts an even heating temperature and keeps product with reliable and stable quality.
●Mold has independent condensation system in each mold cavity and mold core. Mold cavity is replaceable, so that the label atop can be changed.

Extrusion Blow Mold:

●Rational mold design to extend mold life and get high production efficiency.
●Precision Machining to ensure high production efficiency & fine parting line effect.